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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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7 ways to avoid accidents at Doha’s roundabouts

7 ways to avoid accidents at Doha’s roundabouts

One out of every eight deaths in Qatar is caused by traffic accidents, according to figures from Hamad Medical Corporation. In an article published in Gulf Times, Ademola G Ilori, Adviser, National Traffic Safety Committee, Ministry of Interior offers a few rules to remember when you are nearing a roundabout.

  • In a one-lane roundabout, always give way to the right.
  • In a multi-lane roundabout, decide the appropriate lane you plan to take at least 200m before entering the roundabout. The pavement marker arrows indicate where each lane takes you.
  • Never change lanes in a multi-lane roundabout. If you are trapped in the wrong lane, drive straight through the lane, and use the next intersection to get back to your destination.
  • Never exceed the 40kph speed limit when entering roundabouts. Speeding can cause sideswipe accidents especially when driving 4x4s.
  • Avoid using mobile phones as they are a primary cause of distraction.
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times. Ejection from a vehicle during a crash carries a 75% chance of death. Read JustHere’s earlier report on how seatbelts can save your life.
  • Be patient. Wait for the lights to turn green.

Some other interesting tips while driving can also be found on the One Second Campaign website.

[Pic Courtesy: Goodhugh via Flickr]

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