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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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6482 foreign workers fail health screening, sent home; 194 tested positive for HIV

Women formed around 81 per cent of the foreign workers who were denied residence permits in 2013. From a total of 6482 people, 5274 women did not pass the mandatory medical check-ups, which resulted in their repatriation to their home countries.

Many of the people who were deemed unfit after these medical tests were affected by one of the following diseases: HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, according to local newspapers.

– A total of 194 people tested positive for HIV, of which men formed the majority with 141.
– Active tuberculosis was detected in 238 men and 31 women, while 2125 people were actually suffering from it.
– 452 workers were suffering from Hepatitis B and 83 with Hepatitis C.
– 3353 people did not pass an x-ray test of the chest

Test requirements
A blood check-up and an x-ray of the chest are the two main tests that newly recruited workers are required to undergo. Of these, the chest x-ray is uniform for all individuals whereas blood tests vary by different sections of people. An HIV/AIDS test is mandatory for everyone.

Individuals employed at food outlets, healthcare facilities and as domestic help must go through addition health screening procedures for hepatitis B and C as well as other infectious diseases.

Anyone found infected with active tuberculosis virus are referred to Hamad Medical Corporation before they are repatriated, however AIDS patients are deported immediately.Those who have previously suffered from TB may be repatriated if they don’t belong to categories that have special skills and expertise.

However, Qatar does not deport foreign workers who contract HIV/AIDS or TB during their residency period here and instead provide them with proper medical care and treatment.


  1. Stephen Wong

    I think the citizens of Qatar should also be tested so that they don’t infect overseas workers and visitors.

  2. Tammi Moe

    I agree, locals need to be tested as well.

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