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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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63 violations of labour accommodations registered in March

63 violations of labour accommodations registered in March

A total of 784 violations were registered by four municipalities in Qatar. From this, 63 violations were of labour accommodations, the highest being registered by Al Rayyan municipality. Al Wakrah registered 10 while Al Daayen registered 3; no violations were registered in Al Shamal.

These figures were released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics in the third issue of the Qatar Monthly Statistics report for the month of March.

According to the report, violations were also reported of “inspection of labour accommodations”. From the 73 inspections carried out, Al Rayyan again had the highest violations (45), followed by Al Wakrah (20), Al Daayen (5) and Al Shamal (3).

Majority of labour accommodations in Qatar have often been infamous about for its appalling living conditions such as overcrowding, lack of sanitation, no air conditioning or running water. In an earlier article, Al Million taxi drivers told JustHere that municipality officers often fail to check their accommodation, and instead close down violating grocery stores in the neighbourhood. Last year, a total of 192 food outlets were temporary closed, majority from Industrial Area.

Food violations

A total of 184 food violations were also registered in March. As per the new food law issued in February this year, violating food outlets now face a 60-day closure. Violations include using expired and poor quality foods, or poor sanitary conditions among others. in its latest move to curb food violations, Baladiya has started naming erring outlets on its website.

Other violations registered by the municipalities include:

  • Cleaning violations – 215
  • Building violations – 146
  • Beauty Saloons violation – 16

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