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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Over 500 road accidents reported in February in Qatar

Over 500 road accidents reported in February in Qatar

The month of February witnessed a total of 572 road accidents in Qatar, according to the Qatar Monthly Statistics report by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

Of these, 48 were major accidents while 511 were minor. The figures in January were relatively lower – 36 major and 341 minor accidents from the total of 391 cases that were reported.

Fatalities rate

A study by Qatar University in 2012 ranked Qatar as country with the highest fatality rate in the world. The study, in collaboration with the Qatar National Research Fund, predicted that by 2015 one vehicle in every five will be involved in a road accident, and the annual number of traffic accidents would approach 220,000 in 2015.

A few weeks earlier, Hamad General Hospital’s Trauma Center shared with JustHere some startling figures on road fatalities among children. About 1 in 11 trauma patients admitted was a child victim of road traffic injuries. About 80% of children who die on Qatar roads are teenagers. Of them, 21% were drivers, under 18 years of age. Only 1.2% of passengers and drivers were using a seatbelt or a car seat.

Pedestrian fatalities were not far behind. About 80 pedestrians die in Qatar and more than 200 suffer from severe injuries every year. About 92% of the victims were young expatriates mostly workers from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The Qatar Monthly Statistics report also revealed that about 8,123 vehicles were registered at the Traffic Department in February, which included 5,250 private vehicles, 1,980 for private transportation and 188 private motorcycles. A total of 7,433 new driving licences were also issued – 438 for nationals and 6,995 for expatriates.

[Photo courtesy: “Qatar 2009” by Jeff via Flickr]


  1. Russ Sandlin

    It is distressing to see children and babies on the laps of drivers not paying attention on the road, or children hanging out windows and sun roofs. I see this every day in Qatar, often with citizens and residents driving past the Police with children nearly outside the vehicle. The Police should enforce seat belt laws and child seat laws. These violators would face expensive tickets, higher insurance, and cases from child protective services for these actions if they were in the US. Children are being killed due to this derelict behavior of parents. Parents please put your children’s seat belts on, put infants in car seats and be more careful for the sake of your children.

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