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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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In 2013, MoI earns citizens’ trust; SEC and Ashghal draw flak


In a report based on an annual survey of the Qatari youth carried out by local Arabic daily, Arrayah, many citizens voiced their disapproval and frustration over various happenings around Qatar, however many of them were also satisfied with the functioning of some government entities around Qatar.

Among the government organisations, the Ministry of Interior topped the list of the most efficient with 70.5%, followed by the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (15.5%), the Ministry of Economy and Trade (10%) and other service agencies (4%).

The Supreme Education Council and Public Works Authority (Ashghal) ranked very low in terms of quality of services they provided in 2013. Ashghal was criticised for delaying infrastructural projects as well as having obscure projects which are not advertised. The SEC, some complain, has no interaction with citizens and has a lot of reservations in their performance and claim that those responsible for communicating with citizens in the Council do not respond to people when they try to get in touch with them.

Many of the respondents also complained that the Supreme Council of Health’s system of long waiting lists, which extend across many months.

However, many people reported that smartphone applications and electronic services introduced by organisations such as the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning and Ministry of Business and Trade helped them connect with these entities with greater ease.

Other results include:
67% of the people listed traffic jams as one of the main problems they encounter
22% of them complained about problems with parking near towers in West Bay
11% criticised the lack of entertainment venues in Qatar and demand a resolution to this problem

In terms of careers and personal goals:
46.5% of the youth are looking for appropriate jobs
34% want to get married
19.5% want to complete their higher education

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