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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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11 Safety Tips This Ramadan

11 Safety Tips This Ramadan

The scorching summer heat and humidity in Qatar make home the best refuge from the harsh climate. Traffic, too, is notoriously bad at certain times of the day during the month of Ramadan.
Staying indoors although the safest and most relaxing option, may involve a number of hazards.
Here are a few precautions to take while enjoying your time indoors or outdoors this month.

Kitchen & Food Safety

  1. Always check for expiration dates on canned, frozen or preserved food and monitor it for any changes in colour, smell or texture. Store such food in clean, cool and dark places that do not receive much light.
  2. Do not thaw frozen food for long and put it back in the freezer. Foods may be restored to the freezer if: foods have only partially thawed and may still have ice crystals in them; or if the temperature in the freezer has been maintained at 4.5 degrees Celsius or below. Always examine the colour and smell of such food before use though.

Fire Safety

  1. In case of fire:
    1. In an oil pan: Avoid pouring water into an oil pan as it ignites the fire. Cover the burning pan with a thick lid or a fire blanket.
    2. In the trashcan: Cover burning trash immediately with a damp cloth in order to prevent oxygen from igniting the fire.
    3. Fire Prevention:
      1. Make sure at least one fire extinguisher is installed in your house.
      2. Monitor children and ensure that they do not approach any kitchen stoves, or other hot, burning materials or electrical power sources.
      3. Do not wear clothes made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon or terylene or flowing dresses near fire sources.
      4. If and when you get a whiff of cooking fuel/gas:
        1. Open all doors and windows immediately to reduce concentration of leaked gas.
        2. Make sure the valve on the gas cylinder is turned off.
        3. Never use a burning match near a gas cylinder to locate the place of leakage.
        4. Do not switch on any exhaust fans or lights as they may be potential points of ignition for the inflammable gas.

Traffic Safety

  1. Do not speed to the place to break your fast. Instead, begin from your point of origin a little early so that you can reach your destination safe and early and break your fast in a relaxed state of mind. Also, this is especially relevant because the time before Iftar is usually the most vulnerable time for traffic accidents during Ramadan.
  2. Do not allow children to play in the inner streets and roads in residential areas, especially at night, in order to ensure their safety from traffic accidents. Instead take them to designated play areas so they can enjoy their time outdoors.
  3. Avoid parking cars in a manner that obstructs traffic movement on roads, particularly outside mosques during prayer times or outside residences during Iftar gatherings.
  4. Try to finish your shopping as early as you can before the day of Eid to avoid traffic and parking issues before the Eid shopping rush.

Road Safety

10. Make sure you look on both sides and ensure that the road is completely free of approaching cars before crossing, especially during peak hours.
11. Use only pedestrian crossing areas when available.

Emergencies: In case of emergencies, call 999 or 992 for hearing-impaired callers.


(With inputs from Ministry of Interior Qatar) 


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