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JustHere | March 27, 2017

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About Kisara Yatiyawela

Kisara Yatiyawela

Kisara Yatiyawela

Kisara Yatiyawela is interested in books, people and is fascinated by odd things like finding a single shoe on the road, because she always wonders: Where's the other one? Who did it belong to? What happened? Among the things she loves about this nation - The quirks of everyday life and the quietness of Friday morning streets, the brain frying heat during summer and the chilled ‘shwai-shwai-ness’ of people and places. In Qatar: 7 years

Posts By Kisara Yatiyawela

Fender-bender friends

August 2, 2013 |

Just say ‘driving in Qatar’ out loud and see what happens. Here are a few words you will probably hear among the many phrases, opinions and cussing, which will definitely follow: ‘crazy,’ ‘ dangerous,’ ‘Land Cruiser.’

Newcomers and new drivers … Read More

Uniquely Qatar… See Queue, Will Jump

March 24, 2013 |

There are pet-hates and there are pet-hates. And then there are queue jumpers! In my book, that particular form of species rank somewhere really low. Right next to let’s say a single cell amoeba, living in one of Industrial … Read More

Weird is good

February 26, 2013 |

Barcodes are a Doha thing to do. From cars that refuse to remove the sticker, to the virtual barcoding of the residents.

Ever wondered what’s with these Barcode Stickers we see on vehicles here in Qatar? Ink faded, edges peeling … Read More

Do you have time for a qahwa?

January 10, 2013 |

A letter to the nation that we all call home, be it for a few months or many years.

Beloved Nation,

Yeah, you are beloved. Don’t listen to the folk who are constantly using the ‘E’ word. Calling us expats and drawing … Read More

The way life goes

January 2, 2013 |

Dear Mom-I-Saw-On-C-Ring-This-Morning, I mean the one who had your daughter with you, sharing the front passenger seat of your car. You with your seat belt on and your kid on your lap, unbuckled. I have a question for you: What … Read More