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JustHere | March 29, 2017

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Qataris cast their votes in municipal council elections

Qataris cast their votes in municipal council elections

Qatari voters casted their votes in the 5th central municipal elections, to elect their members from 114 candidates in 26 constituencies out of 29, where 3 members were elected unopposed in constituencies 1, 27 and 28.

Constituencies across Qatar opened doors of their headquarters at 8:00am to receive the voters of both genders. Voters came in-person to their constituencies. They had to produce their registration card and their personal ID card for voting. Judges in the polling stations provided necessary help to elderly people to facilitate voting.

In the constituency number 19, at Al Nahdha Girls School in Umm Salal the turnout was noticeable from the first moment in the early morning where more than one hundred voters had casted their votes in the first hour. It was noted that the turnout in the first hours of the voting mainly comprised elderly people and women.

Voting process continued until 5:00 PM and the counting process began in the evening to announce the winners of the members of the municipal council. More than 21,000 voters enrolled in the voter list have the right to vote to choose 26 members out of 29, including five women.

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