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JustHere | May 26, 2017

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Ashghal launches Shared Services Affairs contact centre for employees

Ashghal launches Shared Services Affairs contact centre for employees

As part of its continuing efforts to achieve operational efficiency, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ has launched the shared services contact center to enable employees to access all the services it provides by contacting a sole entity.

The Shared Services Affairs contact centre receives staff calls, responds to employee’s inquiries, meets their requests, and follows up with them. The centre comprises a team of four employees trained to deal with callers inquiries and to meet their requests in accordance with the authority they have which enables them to access staff databases in order to address their demands. The team also processes, registers and classifies each request with a sequential number, in special databases and follows up on those requests until they are processed.

The services provided by the Shared Services Affairs contact centre include receiving requests and inquiries related to the human resources department, namely services related to salaries, leaves, and all kinds of allowances, as well as exit procedures, training courses, official duties, and other HR services. The call center also handles all the IT requests and inquiries such as hardware requests, requests to extend and repair networks, as well as requests to activate the applications adopted in Ashghal, in addition to other IT services.

With regards to the services provided by the Financial Affairs Department, personnel from the contact centre receive calls regarding governmental housing, furniture allowance expense, financial approvals, payment requests, etc. Furthermore, the call center receives calls regarding office furniture orders, access and exit cards, vehicles parking, guests housing, and all the services provided by the General Services Department.

The purpose of the shared services contact centre is to save the employees’ time and effort and to provide immediate response to all their inquiries and follow up on their request to ensure it is managed as swiftly as possible. Since the launching shared services contact centre, it has been taking around 1150 and 1300 staff requests and inquiries per month.

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