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JustHere | February 21, 2017

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MET: Temperatures to rise in Qatar from today

MET: Temperatures to rise in Qatar from today

 The Qatar Meteorology Department has forecasted a gradual rise in the temperature starting from Tuesday, February 17, where the temperature is higher than the rates between the values of 4 – 6 degree.

The maximum temperature is expected to be between 28 – 32 degree Celsius in Doha and may be higher in some other areas. Temperature would reaches its peak on Friday, February 20, and will be 32 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature will be between 19 – 22 degree Celsius.

However, the weather will begin to improve on Saturday with a chance of scattered rain. The state will be affected by high pressure (Siberian) associated with Northwesterly wind fresh to strong in speed will continue until Tuesday, February 24.

Cold weather will affect the country and there will be significant drop in the temperature between the values 6 – 10 degree where the maximum temperature will be between 20 – 23 degree Celsius in Doha and the minimum will be 12 – 15 degree Celsius and may be lower in some areas.



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