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JustHere | March 28, 2017

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Sensors installed in Karwa taxis to monitor meter tampering by drivers

Sensors installed in Karwa taxis to monitor meter tampering by drivers

If you are a frequent user of Karwa taxis, you would most certainly have experienced drivers fiddling with meters to get a little more cash.

Following several reports and complaints from passengers regarding this issue, Karwa has now installed a sensor-aided digital GPS equipment in taxis to monitor this malpractice, according to a report in the Gulf Times. However, this decision has not got down too well with taxi drivers assigned at the Hamad International Airport who are said to be off-duty in protest of the latest installation.

A major reason that pushes drivers towards illegal practices is the working terms they are subjected to. In an earlier JustHere report, we spoke to several Karwa taxi drivers who explained the system.

Once you sign a contract with the company, a driver is usually assigned as a “rental driver”. This means, he rents the taxi from the company for either 12 hours or 24 hours. For a 12-hour shift, he would have to pay the company QR265 daily for a day shift, and QR165 for a night shift. For a 24-hour shift, he would have to pay QR300 per day.

Rental drivers don’t receive a monthly wage. Their wage is what they earn at the end of the day from customers, minus the amount they have to cough up to the company, and the money that goes for fuel. Most of the time, drivers are unable to meet the target, and end up paying from their pockets. As a result, many of them resort to turning off the meter or adjusting the meter to a higher tariff to earn a few more bucks.

What do you think of Karwa’s move of installing sensors?

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