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JustHere | March 28, 2017

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Motorists irked by Midmac Roundabout signal

Motorists irked by Midmac Roundabout signal

Commuters from Doha to Salwa Road have been in a fix for the past several months, due to the Midmac Roundabout Signal. Why? The signal simply doesn’t turn green.

According to a report in The Gulf Times, the signal at Al Asiri roundabout (or Midmac roundabout) “either remains red or keeps blinking amber”, forcing motorists to wait for over an hour to clear the roundabout. As a result, many choose to take longer routes, only to avoid this signal.

The Midmac Roundabout is one of the busiest intersections in Doha which sees a high amount of vehicular movement daily. Issues like these only add to the chaos and traffic jams that regular commuters experience.

Have you been stuck at this signal recently? What are the other intersections that you find troublesome?

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