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JustHere | March 23, 2017

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New Al Khor stadium to be designed as a traditional black-and-white tent; will host 60,000 spectators

New Al Khor stadium to be designed as a traditional black-and-white tent; will host 60,000 spectators

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has unveiled the design for the new stadium at Al Khor City that has been modelled around a traditional tent. Upon completion, the stadium will accommodate about 60,000 spectators during the FIFA World Cup 2022 season.

Called the ‘Al Bayt Stadium’, which refers to a tent used by nomads in Qatar and neighbouring countries in the past, the stadium has been designed to reflect this traditional structure. The stadium’s exterior will be covered in black and white stripes, something that nomads did to make the tents more visible to travellers. Back in the days, the width and the number of stripes was a way of distinguishing one tribe from the other.
The stadium’s interior carries a red, woven ‘Sadu pattern’, as a mean to showcase Qatar’s traditional designs to visitors.

[Video courtesy: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy]

Green, and recyclable

One of the key feature announced during the bid itself was that all stadiums would be built with modular elements, able to be deconstructed after 2022, to avoid ‘white elephants’. Once deconstructed, a total of 170,000 seats will be donated to the developing world.

The Al Bayt Stadium too will be transportable, according to the SDCL website. After 2022, “the stadium’s upper tier will be demountable, and the modular sections will be used to build stadiums in countries around the world that lack adequate sporting infrastructure,” says the website. The Gulf Times has further reported that, once the upper-tier has been removed, the stadium will be reduced to a 32,000-seater. The report also quotes Aspire Zone Foundation president Hilal al-Kuwari saying that the stadium would be ready by end of 2018.

In addition to being deconstructable, the stadiums have been designed to be environment-friendly, and the Committee is targeting both LEED and Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) certifications for the same.

[Photo courtesy: SCDL website]

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