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JustHere | March 29, 2017

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[PHOTOS] Nature’s gift to Fuwairit, turtles

JustHere writer John Dichoso was out at Fuwairit Beach for just another weekend trip, until he spotted this beautiful creature.


[Pic Courtesy: John Dichoso]

The Fuwairit beach has been a nesting ground for sea turtles for long. In fact, the Ministry of Environment regularly patrols the area to protect these species. According to the MoE website, Fuwairit Beach and Ras Laffan comprise 30% of the total nests of sea turtles in the area.

“The one that we spotted was a female. She weighed 36kg. The officers said she has yet to lay eggs, and would be back in the shore soon to do so,” says John.
An interesting procedure that officers follow is removing sea shells from the shell of the turtle, especially on the head. “If they continue to accumulate, they might block the vision the officers explained us.”

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