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JustHere | February 22, 2017

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Let’s Meet: Chhabilal Chapagain

  • Age: 40 years
    I am from: Nepal
    Profession: Cleaner and lift man at a mall. I work from 6am-5pm everyday. I am allowed to go on a vacation only after 2 years of service, for three months.
  • In Qatar since: 3 years. But my contract ends after Ramadan, and I will have to go back home. In Nepal, I used to be a police constable. I decided to leave my job because it was not safe, even the salary was less. In Qatar, even though the salary is not that much, I feel safe at least.
  • In my free time: I sleep. There’s hardly anytime to rest. As soon as I go home, I cook, do the cleaning and then go to bed.
    Family details: I have two wives, and two sons. One is in eight grade and the other in first grade.
    Ambition: Once I go back to Nepal, I will build a new house.

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