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JustHere | March 26, 2017

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[INFOGRAPHICS] Survey: Qatar’s millennials prefer entrepreneurship over employment; share little of their parents’ personal values

About two-thirds of those under 35 in Qatar would rather be entrepreneurs, and only a third say they share the same personal values as their parents.

A recent survey by, ‘Millennials in the MENA’ survey, February 2014, also reveals that while the older generation (62%) think the millennials are hardworking, only 21% of them really think they can learn anything from the younger generation. The majority are also depend on a supplementary family income to live comfortably.

Other interesting findings cover retirement, financial security and work-life balance.

Millennials vs the older-01 Millennials vs the older-02


Infographics by: Karim Alendari





























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