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JustHere | August 23, 2017

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QF Radio goes back to the drawing board; Cancels popular programmes, fires staff

QF Radio goes back to the drawing board; Cancels popular programmes, fires staff

Qatar Foundation Radio, both the English and Arabic stations, has cancelled all of its music related programmes except the morning show, and has fired about 27 of its staff.

The fired employees were informed by email earlier this week that their services were no longer required.

Speaking to JustHere, some of the staff said, the new management under Saad Al Hodaifi feels the radio station has lost its initial direction. Al Hodaifi was in charge of QF Radio till three months ago, and is now back in a consulting role.

The internal communication states that the radio will have to have more QF focus.

Nasser Al Naimi, the head of QF Radio who was in-charge until last week is away on ‘vacation’ and was not available for comment.

Qatar Foundation has not responded to JustHere’s queries yet.

QF Radio’s popularity both amongst the public and with sponsors was on the rise. Unlike other state owned media for whom marketing is done by QMedia, QF Radio’s marketing was done internally.

Though not a for-profit radio station, the hope was to make it more self-sufficient, according to one staff member.

The radio station is now back to playing classical music and reruns of the ‘factoid’ segments.

Licensing for all forms of media—print, radio, television­—is a quagmire one must tread on with great forethought, in Qatar. Unlike UAE and Bahrain where radio and print media has seen great growth, in Qatar, licences are still hard to acquire. In this scenario, QF Radio was treading a grey area, functioning as a university radio station that appeals to the broader public.


  1. this is a disaster for those of us that like radio. The only competition, QBS, is a dire mix of a handful of acceptable shows surrounded by 1930’s jazz, classical hour, cheesy travelogue/magazine shows with appalling presenters and eurovision. QFRadio 2 was just coming into its own. I was enjoying the broad stroke of talk programming and liked the way QF info was being integrated through very good interviews on Rise and Innovations and other shows….. Now it is horrible and straight after Rise I am switching off ……

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