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JustHere | June 23, 2017

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95% of households and all businesses to have high-speed broadband by 2016

95% of households and all businesses to have high-speed broadband by 2016

The Qatar National Broadband Plan, seen as a key tool to in achieving the nation’s 2030 goals, was launched today. With unlimited digital data being generated constantly, it becomes important for network service providers to become expansive and cater to surmounting demands – which is what this Plan aims to do. The Ministry of Information and Communication (MICT) released a document (the Plan) that provides guidelines and actions that need to be followed over the next few years to maximise opportunities of broadband technology.

The Plan has four key targets through which it will promote broadband market development:

  • All residents can choose between a minimum of two broadband retail providers by 2016, irrespective of location.
  • 95 percent of households will have the ability to access affordable and high-quality broadband service of at least 100MBPS effective download and 50 Mbps upload speeds by 2016.
  • All businesses, schools, hospitals and government institutions will have high-quality access to at least 1GBPS effective symmetrical speeds by 2016.
  • Digital literacy will be expanded to all of the mainstream population by 2016, in conjunction with guarantees of the user’s digital privacy, protection of personal data and freedom of opinion and expression.

The Plan will use the National ICT Plan 2015, which aims to achieve a set of goals by 2015, as a stepping stone:

  • doubling ICT’s contribution to Qatar’s GDP
  • achieving high-speed broadband access for 95 percent of households and businesses
  • achieving ICT and Internet adoption by 90 percent of the population across all segments

“To date, the country’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) market has skyrocketed, with the latest data showing that it has grown an average of 17 percent a year for the last five years; and from QAR 12.8 billion to 15.5 billion between 2010 and 2011 alone,” Dr. Hessa Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of Information and Communications Technology has stated in her opening comments in the document.

[Photo courtesy: @QatarBroadband twitter feed]

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