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JustHere | May 27, 2017

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Barefoot Walk to help typhoon victims

Barefoot Walk to help typhoon victims

Yet another chance to support the Typhoon Yolanda victims in Philippines. And this time you can do it barefoot.

Qatar resident, Sar Rinah Onday is organising a ‘Barefoot Fun Walk’ at the Sheraton Park this Friday from 4pm-6pm where participants can donate a pair of slippers.

The powerful typhoon that struck Philippines early November has claimed over 5,000 lives and left hundreds without basic means of survival. “The global media and the Government focus on Leyte and Tacloban provinces, but the Panay island also suffered major devastation… The children there don’t even have anything on their feet, they are managing barefoot,” says Onday. “Through this barefoot walk, we will know how it is to be in their shoes.”

Donation of slippers of any size is welcome, but since this drive particularly targets the children of Panay Island, preference is for footwear for children until 15 years of age. The initiative has already received good response – 400 pairs of slippers to date.

There will be a registration booth at the Sheraton Park, where participants can drop off their donation before taking off for the walk. The event will also include a few games for all age groups, to be played barefoot.

While the walk is only on Friday, residents can continue to donate slippers till 20 December, after which the donations will be flown to Panay Island. These slippers will then be distributed to children on 31 December as a little gift for New Year.

For more information on how to donate contact Sar Rinah Onday on 77722458.

[Pic courtesy: Sar Rinah Onday]

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