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JustHere | March 29, 2017

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Qatar ranked last in political empowerment of women, in WEF Gender Gap report

Qatar ranked last in political empowerment of women, in WEF Gender Gap report

The 2013 Gender Gap report of the World Economic Forum ranks Qatar 135th of 135 countries when it comes to political empowerment, scoring zero on that count. Its overall ranking is 115. The only sub-index in which it did fairly well was Educational attainment, ranking 53.

The report states: “While many global indexes tend to be tied to income levels, thus providing an advantage to the high income Nordic economies, the Global Gender Gap Index is disassociated from the income and resource level of an economy and instead seeks to measure how equitably the available income, resources and opportunities are distributed between women and men.” However, the six GCC states are the lowest ranked of all the high income countries.

Of the MENA region that includes the GCC states, the report says: “The region ranks the lowest on the Economic Participation and Opportunity and Political Empowerment sub-indexes with, respectively, only 39% and 7% of the gender gap being closed. Thirteen of the twenty lowest performing countries on the Labour force participation indicator are from the region as are eleven of the lowest on the Estimated earned income indicator. Seven of the lowest countries on the Political Empowerment sub-index are also from the region. One of only two countries with a score of zero on the Political Empowerment sub-index are from the region. On the Educational Attainment sub-index, the region is in fifth place (before Sub-Saharan Africa). The region holds the fourth place on the Health and Survival sub-index.”

The whole report can be accessed here.

JustHere had earlier written about issues Qatari women face in increasing their participation in the labour market. The current Qatari parliament has only one female minister, and there have been only two other female ministers to date.

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