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JustHere | March 30, 2017

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Alcohol to be permitted once again at beach and pool sides of hotels for ‘private events’

Alcohol to be permitted once again at beach and pool sides of hotels for ‘private events’
Meghna Dey

Hotels around town will be serving alcohol at beach parties and also at their restaurants around pools and beaches after securing permissions, officials at different hotels we contacted, have confirmed. Those attending the biggest event of the weekend – Laidback Luke  at Intercontinental Hotel – will be able to place their alcohol orders at the beach bar counter. Even smaller events such as Tiki Time at the Beach at Hilton Hotel-Doha will serve alcohol.
Most hotels that were not serving alcohol last weekend (including the Reggae night at the St Regis beachside) have now received permissions to serve alcohol in their pool-side and beach restaurants. We checked with these hotels and this is what we gathered:

  • Hotels need to secure a permission to serve alcohol in their restaurants that are by the pool or beach.
  • An event by the pool or beach organised privately will need to have a licence to serve alcohol.
  • Every event will require a separate licence or permission.
  • Public events such as Ladies Nights hosted around pool areas or on the beach will be discontinued by a few hotels.*

*This article has been updated. All events at Crowne Plaza will continue as it is.

[Photo courtesy: The beachside of St Regis which hosts the Reggae nights]

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  1. Layal

    Good midpoint… at least it is not completely banned and all parties are happy

  2. Gokul KC

    Dear Meghna, please note that the Hotels do not have a decision or final say in this matter but Qatar Tourism Authority.

    There is a Circular (No.12) from the year 2008 issued by QTA that states all service of alcohol in Public Areas which include Lobby, Pool and Beach.

    QTA can be contacted for clarification on the same.

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