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JustHere | March 29, 2017

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Zidane’s head-butt statue moved to Mathaf

Zidane’s head-butt statue moved to Mathaf

Zidane’s statue, titled “Coup de Tête” (or “Head Butt”), which was placed on the corniche near Al Mourjan restaurant is being relocated next to the Mathaf building to be part of the exhibition by the Algerian artist and sculptor Adel Abdessemed, an official from Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) has confirmed to JustHere.
The five-metre tall installation, unveiled by QMA earlier this month as part of their public art programme,  depicts the controversial scene of France’s famous footballer Zinedine Zidane “head-butting” Marco Materazzi during the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2006.
Adel Abdessemed’s exhibition ‘L’âge d’or’ runs till January 5, 2014 at Mathaf, and the statue will be at its new location till the exhibition lasts.
Both the statue and other works by the artist Abdessemed drew criticism from many quarters locally on the grounds of it being culturally inappropriate.

Pic courtesy: Doha Stadium Plus

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