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JustHere | August 23, 2017

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7 Autumn Recoups for Stay-at-home Mums

7 Autumn Recoups for Stay-at-home Mums

Summer holidays are a difficult gig. Thank goodness they’re over. With hundreds of thousands of children returning to school this autumn, that leaves many mums in Qatar with a few hours each day to recuperate from the double-time work they put in over summer.

Here’s what you can indulge in:

  • The standard Doha recoup is to jump into 5-star life. Whether that’s a full-on day at the Bliss Spa finished off with fresh Carrot Zinger Juice and a Jicama Shrimp Salad at the trendy WCafe or just an hour at Embellie to treat your Doha-dry hair, it does the soul good to have the body pampered.
  • If you’ve been in Qatar a few years, pampering may be getting a bit mundane. Humans tend to be most content when they continue to develop. Just as children have gone back to learn, you can too. Is there a topic you’ve always wanted to explore? The Virginia Commonwealth University of Qatar offers over 40 different community classes this autumn, such as film making in Arabic or Feng Shui for Interior Design. These classes often last a few weeks. For short-term classes the Katara Art Center has a constantly changing repertoire of creative classes to choose from.
  • You’re old enough to know by now that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Volunteer. But make it count. Choose an organisation that you will learn something from and that will broaden your social and professional network. The Qatar Professional Women’s Network is a large, active group of women professionals who offer mentoring, networking events, workshops and special events. The Circle of Pearl, their mentoring program, is now accepting applications for the fall mentoring session.
  • If you’d rather be outside than in a conference room how about organising a beach cleanup. This can be as simple as going with a friend and a few trash bags to a beach or organising a mums’ group to go with you. If you’re not into the organising but still want to participate, connect with the local Internations chapter or Entalek, both of which organised beach cleanups earlier this year.
  • If you’re new to town and in need of friends, head out to the nearest coffee morning. Yes, they have a bit of a bad rap as the spawning ground for discontented housewives. But you can usually find at least one person who suits your sensibilities. Consider it a stepping stone if not to friendship, at least companionship. Doha Mums is the most popular among mums. You can try it out once for free but after that you need to be a member to join in—which is well worth it. Right now they have a deal with one of the local five-star hotels so that members can access the pool and beach for only QR50 per person. Might be worth sitting through a coffee morning and paying the QR150 membership fee to gain access to that deal.
  • If you really can’t force yourself to enter coffee shop territory, how about an exercise class? Not only will you get some much needed movement to combat the Doha Stone, you’ll also meet new people. Exercise options are located all over town from private compound gyms to public areas, such as Aspire Zone. Or buy your own rowing machine—it could easily be the most worthwhile purchase you make in Qatar.
  • Doing something, anything, is usually better than doing nothing. But, sometimes, it’s nice to simply sit in the calm and quiet of your own living room inhaling the steam from a cup of hot tea. Just don’t sit there forever.

No matter what you decide to do, or not do, make sure you fully exhale before jumping into the school pick-up jam.

[Pic Courtesy: W Doha Hotel website]

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