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JustHere | August 23, 2017

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Weekend Radar (July 18 – 20)

Weekend Radar (July 18 – 20)

karima skalliMusic & Performing Arts

Muashahat by Karima Skalli: Watch religious stanzas vocalist, Karima Skalli perform at Katara Cultural Village on Thursday, July 18.
Where: Katara Drama Theater, Building 16; When: Thursday, July 18, 2013, 10pm

Workshops & Exhibitions

Calligraphy Books Exhibition: This exhibition will display adult and children’s literature on various subjects pertaining to Arabic calligraphy. Special discount vouchers will be distributed at the exhibition.
Where: Katara, Building 3; When: July 11 – August 11 2013, 10am – 12 midnight

‘Million Dots’: This Ramadan special public artwork created by artist Sabah Arbili is inspired by the number of dots in the Quran. In this interactive exhibition, the artist will encourage visitors to participate by placing some ‘dots’ collaboratively with the artist and other members of the public.
Where: Katara Drama Theatre, Building 16; When: July 11 – August i1, 2013, 10am to 12 midnight

Sand Animation: Shaima Al-Muhairi uses sand as her medium to create animated characters as part of expressive paintings, which are then projected on screens behind where she works.
Where: Katara Drama Theater, Building 16; When: July 19 – 20, 2013, 10pm

Show of Faith: This is a group show exhibition of artists whose works explore notions of their faith. It is especially relevant to the spirit of Ramadan as it aims to stimulate the spirit and also to raise questions about whether being raised or living near Mecca or Medina may affect the spiritual essence of the artist’s work, whether as worshippers themselves or as visitors.
Where: Katara, Building 18, Gallery 2; When: July 11 – August 31, 2013, 10am to 12 midnight

Arabic Calligraphy & Quran, a Shared Journey: Discover the history of Arabic Calligraphy through the personal view of art collector Ibrahim Fakhroo. All exhibits are part of his private collection and mostly comprise of original Qurans, along with some facsimile Qurans that he has gathered in the last few years.
Fakhroo has researched his collection for proof and examples on how the development of Arabic is intrinsically connected with the publishing and diffusion of Quran, throughout history.
Where: Katara, Building 22, Gallery 1 & 2; When: July 11 to August 31, 2013, 10am to 12 midnight

99 Names of AllahTunisian graffiti artist Vincent Abadie Hafez will exhibit 99 silkscreen paintings representing the 99 names of Allah along with eight large-scale paintings. His exhibition will also feature a public art graffiti wall over 5 meters long. Visitors can also bring out the inner artists in themselves by writing or drawing or expressing themselves on an ‘expression wall’.
Where: Katara, Building 19, Gallery 1; When: July 11- August 31, 2013, 10am to 12 midnight

‘Oneness’ – Ceramic and mixed media installation: Oneness is an art exhibition based on the 99 names of Allah and the 7 heavens. The art consists of façade of cubes using Kufic script which creates a universal code to the audience. The artist Shahida Ahmed tries to relate these with the bar code and identity of things surrounding us. The idea behind Oneness is that everything is included and allowed to live according to its true nature.
Where: Katara, Building 18; When: July 11 to August 11, 2013, 10am to 12 midnight

khatKHAT: Visit a beautiful exhibition of Arabic Fonts & Typography, presented by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and the Visual Art Section.
Where: Katara Art Studios, Building 19; When: July 17 – 23, 2013, 9.30pm to 12 midnight


Tea Time : Try some really flavourful karak tea with hints of cardamom after your Iftar at any of the Tea Time locations around Doha. Just park outside, honk and you can get not just karak, but a whole host of sandwiches and or whatever catches your fancy from that lovely plentiful menu. Read JustHere’s review.


Aspire Sports Tournaments: Aspire Zone is organizing a range of sporting tournaments for games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball and others from July 14 to July 28. Although registrations are now closed, residents of Qatar can go to view and cheer the participants on. Visit the Aspire Zone website for schedules and times of individual games.

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