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JustHere | August 23, 2017

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The winter spell

The winter spell

Finally, winter’s arrived! I was beginning to wonder where it was.

The first few days of the year were ridiculously warm – my husband was sneakily switching on the air conditioning when I wasn’t looking. Girls always feel the cold before boys, so it’s probably a similar story in your house too: the husband switching on the AC and the wife switching it off again, both strangely assuming the other won’t notice.

There’s certainly no need for AC at the moment, though. It’s really quite chilly and I know some people have already dug out their heaters. The first time you use your heater after the long summer stretch, there’s always that lovely smell of burning dust that fills the room. Still, it’s always better than the putrid smell of burning plastic from the plug as it melts and conjoins with either the adapter or the wall socket. Seriously, if there’s ever a dodgy smell in any room where you have a fan heater, check the plug. The smell of molten plastic isn’t good for your health, nor is the fire that can result.

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