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JustHere | November 27, 2015

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Qatar Duty Free and Qatar Museums open new store and cafe at Hamad International Airport

November 24, 2015 |

Qatar Duty Free has opened its latest store and café, In-Q by Qatar Museums (QM), giving passengers in Hamad International Airport a travel retail experience that is exclusive to the Middle East.

By visiting the In-Q Gift Shop in Qatar Duty Free, customers can choose from a wide selection of souvenirs, replicas, books, jewellery and apparel to take home as gifts and mementos, while those passengers transiting through Hamad International Airport will have the opportunity to learn about Qatar, its culture and museums.

Passengers looking to sample Qatari hospitality can experience a range of bold culinary delights at the In-Q Café, including breakfast options, light meals and snacks, all inspired by international and regional cuisine.

The combined 444 square metre store and café, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is situated in the main atrium of the airport’s departures concourse. The unified areas are characterised by hexagonal texture flooring, a three dimensional ceiling and mix of copper varnished metal, old grey oak, back-painted glass and Rosa Portogallo marble.

Geometric furniture completes the modern vibe set by precious coffee-tables produced in corian material, paired with comfortable enveloping armchairs, padded benches and chairs leading towards the airport’s public areas, which aim to provide passengers with a fresh, abstract space in the heart of Hamad International Airport.

MET: Qatar to be affected by unstable weather this week

November 23, 2015 |

According to the Qatar Meteorology Department, unstable weather is expected over the country during the period from Monday night (23/11/2015) until Thursday (26/11/2015).

This is  due to the passage of a deep low in the upper levels of the atmosphere with moist northeasterly to easterly light to moderate winds. Low and medium clouds are expected to increase gradually with a forecast for moderate to heavy rains (thundery at times) over most areas in Qatar.

Qatar Meteorology Department has urged residents to be cautious during rains especially during thunder showers that could be accompanied by fresh to strong dust raising downdraft winds, leading to a decrease in visibility.

HMC launches new Hamad Dental Network to improves oral care

November 22, 2015 |

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) dentistry services have united under one banner – the Hamad Dental Network, which will work to improve patient access to dental services.

The new Hamad Dental Network includes the specialist services offered at Rumailah Hospital as well as those offered at Al Wakra Hospital, Al Khor Hospital and the Cuban Hospital. This means patients will not have to travel to Doha except if they need highly complex care.

This model has been successfully tested through HMC’s women’s health services network whereby the most difficult cases are treated at Women’s Hospital while related specialist services are brought to patients in the outlying communities.

HMC’s dental services see more than 120,000 patient visits each year. The corporation is continuing to add more specialist services in the field of dentistry including a recent new clinic catering to patients with special needs.

Ashghal: Removal of diversions and traffic routed to Al Shamal Road main carriageway at Umm Slal Muhammad Bridge and Al Duhail Bridge

November 19, 2015 |

The Public Works Authority, Ashghal, has announced that traffic will be rerouted to the original four-lane carriageway on Al Shamal Road (North Bound) as of 20 November 2015 at Umm Slal Muhammad Bridge (N12) in Jaryan Jneihat area (Zone 71) and Al Duhail Bridge (N5) in Al Duhail Area (Zone 30)

The section of the closed Al Shamal Road (north Bound) at Al Duhail bridge will be reopened to traffic following the removal of a four-lane existing temporary Northbound diversion that was put in place in the direction from Doha toward Al Shamal to allow for the construction of a section of the bridge at N5 which has now been completed.

Similarly the section of the closed Al Shamal Road (north Bound) at Umm Slal Muhammad will be reopened to traffic following the removal of a three-lane existing temporary Northbound diversion that was put in place in the direction from Doha toward Al Shamal to allow for the construction of a section of the bridge on N12 which has now been completed.

The total length of roads under construction as part of Al Shamal Road Enhancement project is approximately 200 km. The project encompasses the construction of service roads on Al Shamal Road from north of Doha City at Al Duhail Interchange to Al Shamal City north of Qatar. The project also includes the construction of two new interchanges in Izghawa and Umm Slal Mohammed Areas, in addition to upgrades to three existing interchanges, including Al Kaaban Interchange, which connects to the Al Huwailah Link Road.

Box office for third Ajyal Youth Film Festival now open

November 17, 2015 |

The box office for the third annual Ajyal Youth Film Festival is now open at the Ajyal FNAC Ticket Outlet located in Lagoona Mall in addition to the Ajyal Katara Main Box Office located in Katara Building 12. The Festival will run from November 29th to December 5th.

The Ajyal Katara Main Box Office will be open from 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM from November 16th-27th, and from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM from November 28th to December 5th. The Ajyal FNAC Ticket Outlet will be open from November 16th to December 5th from 2:00 PM till 9:00 PM. Tickets can also be purchased securely online through the Festival’s website at Tickets are priced at QR 25 for regular screenings, and QR 40 for premium screenings (including the opening and closing night films).

All Festival screenings and events will take place at Katara, with venues including the Katara Drama Theatre and the Katara Opera House located in Building 16, Katara Building 12 (Theatres A & B) and the SONY Cinema Under the Stars located on the Katara Esplanade. Ajyal will also offer many free events during the Festival. Free screenings and events presented in Festival venues require a ticket for admission. Free tickets may be reserved online or requested at any ticket outlet location. All events at the SONY Cinema Under the Stars are free to the public, and do not require a ticket for admission.

The Festival programme consists of daily public screenings of local and international films; the popular ‘Made in Qatar’ section dedicated to showcasing home-grown talent from Qatar, free screenings at the  SONY Cinema Under the Stars, Family Weekend, the Doha Giffoni Youth Media Summit, Geekdom: Video Game Exhibition, the Sandbox interactive digital playground, school screenings, and the Ajyal Competition, where hundreds of young jurors between the ages of 8 and 21  watch and discuss shorts and features and decide on the winning films.

HMC opens seasonal clinic at Sealine area of Qatar

November 12, 2015 |

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has opened its annual clinic in the Sealine area of Qatar ahead of this year’s camping season. The clinic, which began operating last week, will be open from 3 pm on Thursday until 5 pm on Saturday every week.

The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and medication to treat simple injuries and emergency cases, while critical trauma cases will be transported to hospital by ambulance or the LifeFlight helicopters. A helipad has been constructed next to the clinic to facilitate the transportation of seriously injured patients to a hospital on the LifeFlight helicopters.

Meanwhile, the Ambulance Service will provide round-the-clock emergency services coverage in the Sealine Area. There are four ambulances in service in the Sealine area, in addition to three (4×4) emergency vehicles. Every Thursday and Friday, there are six ambulances and four (4×4) vehicles providing emergency services in the area. On Saturdays, three ambulances and three (4×4) vehicles are in full service.

Campers are requested to contact the hotline 33590909 for emergencies or queries.

Wild Khaleeji, MENA’s Best Free Running Athletes Tournament, to be held in Qatar on November 20

November 10, 2015 |

The Youth Company along with Vodafone, Aspire and the World Free Running & Parkour Federation (WFPF) will host 18 of the Middle East and North Africa’s top Parkour or Free Running artists, in a regional tournament at Aspire Park on 20 November, 2015.

The annual tournament called “Wild Khaleeji” is first of its kind in the world that promotes free-running as an active and sport for all. Free-running is often defined as the fine-line between expression of emotions and art through sports that not only helps in focus, but also is a fun way to keep oneself active and healthy.

Finals of Wild Khaleeji are planned to be hosted at Aspire Park on 20th – 21st November 2015 with a set of obstacles covering a space of 1,600 square meters. The first day of the event is for public to enjoy live rehearsals and acquire skills of the sport that are offered through workshops followed by the finals of tournament on 21st November 2015. For fanatics of parkour, there will be freestyle battles at the Fanzone area and live performances to entertain the crowd.

The finals event on both days will start at 2PM and will end at 8PM with a mix of competitions, performances and artists showcases. More information can be acquired from Wild Khaleeji’s official webpage –

Human Rights Watch: Qatar’s new reforms won’t protect migrant workers; still tied to employers under kafala system

November 9, 2015 |

Qatar’s failure to enact meaningful reforms for its kafala (sponsorship) system leaves hundreds of thousands of low-paid migrant workers at serious risk of forced labor and other abuses, Human Rights Watch has said. Reforms announced on October 27, 2015, still require low-paid migrant workers to get their employer’s permission to change jobs or to leave the country, a system that prevents workers from leaving abusive employers.

The new sponsorship law, law no. 21 of 2015, refers to “recruiters” instead of “sponsors” but it leaves the fundamentally exploitative characteristics of the kafala system in place. The serious mistreatment of migrant workers in Qatar has been the focus of international criticism since it won the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. These reforms to its kafala system, which will enter into force in one year, fall short even of the largely insubstantial pledges Qatar made in May 2014.

“The message this law sends is that Qatar doesn’t really care much about migrant workers,” said Joe Stork deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Its sponsorship system remains a serious stain on Qatar’s international reputation.”

Fewer than 10 percent of the 2.1 million people in Qatar are Qatari nationals. Migrant workers, predominantly from South Asia, occupy all the positions in low-paid sectors such as construction and domestic service.

A 2012 Human Rights Watch report described pervasive employer abuse and exploitation in Qatar’s construction industry. Numerous other reports and international media articles have documented the gravity and extent of the abuse of migrant workers in all jobs, including domestic service.

A key element in Qatar’s exploitative labor system is the kafala system, which ties a migrant worker’s legal residence to the employer or sponsor. The new law leaves in place a requirement for any foreign workers to obtain a “No Objection Certificate” from their current employer if they want to transfer legally to another employer. The workers also must obtain exit permits from their employers to leave Qatar. The requirements enable employers to arbitrarily prevent their employees from leaving Qatar to return to their home country or from escaping an abusive work situation. International human rights law applicable in Qatar requires the Qatari authorities to respect everyone’s right to leave any country.

The new law leaves in place a requirement for any foreign workers to obtain a “No Objection Certificate” from their current employer if they want to transfer legally to another employer.

Article 21 of the new law states that workers who want to change employers before the end of their contracts will need the permission of their employer, “the competent authority,” as well as the Interior, and Labor and Social Affairs Ministries. The law does not define who “the competent authority” is. Workers who wish to change employers at the end of their contract will also need the permission of “the competent authority” and the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry. If the length of the contract is not defined, workers must wait five years to leave an employer.

Filmmakers from Qatar set to shine at third edition of Ajyal Youth Film Festival

November 8, 2015 |

The third annual Ajyal Youth Film Festival, presented by the Doha Film Institute, will once again celebrate the talents of Qatar-based filmmakers through its popular Made in Qatar section featuring 17 films screening across two programmes on Wednesday 2nd December … Read More

Bairaq Qatar Voluntary Rescue team launched to offer free rescue services for residents in Qatar

November 4, 2015 |

The Ministry of Environment has urged public to use the services of the Bairaq Qatar Voluntary Rescue team. The team was formed in 2013 as a response to the call from young Qataris to support and help the people.

The team currently comprises 70 volunteers who offer voluntary assistance and rescue services in case of any emergency at the sea or desert or from any part of the country.

The membership is open for citizens as well as for expatriates who are interested in offering voluntary services for the public, and there are no requirements for joining the team, said a member of the Bairaq Qatar team – Mr. Nasser Al Kaabi. Volunteers joining the team will be provided the necessary training on rescue operation as well as on equipment for towing other vehicles especially those stuck in the deserts or beaches. Even those who don’t own vehicles can join the team and they will be considered for any other services according to the situation of the call received by the team, added Al Kaabi.

Public can avail of this free service by calling 50188807.

ROTA launches new educational system for girls in Pakistan; project aims to reach 1000 students in SWAT district

November 2, 2015 |

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), has launched the ‘Institutional Support for Participatory, Inclusive and Responsive Education’ project in collaboration with CARE International, a leading humanitarian and development organization.

The project aims to improve access to higher quality education for females in secondary school in the rural SWAT district of Pakistan by introducing the concept of a double-shift school system, where teaching operates in two shifts, with one group of students in the building early in the day and a second group of students later in the day.

The system will make use of up to 35 existing government primary schools. About 100 local teachers will be hired under flexible terms agreed with the education department. The project aims to reach up to 1,000 female students.

The project formal launching was on 12 September 2015 and will continue for a period of three years.

34 student teams from Qatar to compete at the World Robot Olympiad

November 1, 2015 |

Following two days of intense and exhilarating competition at the National Robot Olympiad (NRO) 2015 this past weekend, a record 34 student teams from Qatari schools will now qualify for the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), which will be hosted in … Read More

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